Thursday, July 24, 2014

Finding Kitchen Items at Goodwill Stores

One of my latest favorite places to go thrift shopping is Goodwill stores.  These stores are located in 32 states and have a brilliant donation/re-sale concept.  For those that are not familiar with Goodwill, there process is as follows. Goodwill locations accept most donated items that can be quickly dropped off in drive through lane. Attendants from Goodwill will quickly pop out of the door and gladly accept your items and quickly return with tax receipt. These same goods will quickly get tagged with a re-sale price and emerge on shelves inside the store soon thereafter. After spending a few years dropping off items, my wife and I decided to it was time to browse the store on a Sunday afternoon to see what was offered. Some items in the store are junk, there can be a few “diamonds in the rough”.  There were plenty of items that were a great deal; especially for the kitchen.

Goodwill is a gold mine when shopping for kitchen dishes, tools, and small appliances such as blenders, ice cream makers, bread makers, can openers, coffee grinders and so much more. One of our best cheap finds was an old pot for popping corn. Making popcorn the old fashion way involves a healthy amount of oil. Regardless of how hot the pan gets and how many times the pot is washed, the bottom always maintains an oily residue. That is why we picked out this pot that is specifically designated for strictly popping corn. The sales price at checkout for this pot was a measly $2.00.

We have found plenty of other great deals at Goodwill, but the little popcorn pot stands out to me as it is used just about once a week and we no longer eat microwave popcorn.

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