Thursday, August 22, 2013

Growing White Zucchini in the Garden

There are several zucchini plants starting to really produce in my garden. The network of vines seems to be overcrowding just about every corner of my vegetable lot. I may have been overzealous in planting four plants from seeds as each vine is going crazy. Nestled throughout the garden are a few long green zucchini fruits; and of greater surprise are a few robust white zucchini! I am not sure the reason for these mutated zukes other than they look like something out of a science fiction movie. These different looking fruits seem to run a tad shorter and much wider than the usual thin green zucchini. The good news is that these vegetables show no difference in taste or quality to their typical green counterpart. I had spoken to several folks and did a little bit of web searching on this anomaly which I am quickly learning is not uncommon in the garden world. Gardeners will often get mutated versions of the ordinary zucchini fruit that becomes white in appearance. My options for cooking with our zucchini harvest seems to be wearing thin as our household has already endured breaded and fried zucchini, grilled zucchini with seasonings and herbs, baked zucchini, and of course zucchini bread. We have even managed to freeze a bit of the zucchini for later baking. If anyone has any ideas on other ways to prepare zucchini, please feel free to comment below. We are in for several more on the way! 

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