Monday, November 26, 2012

Sour Dough Starter Results - One Week Later

I am one week into this process and the results look grim. The week long activity of feeding the mixture with a few tablespoons of water and flour each day yielded no results. By “results”, I was expecting the mixture to start bubbling and increasing in size (as reaction to the daily feeding).What went wrong? My guesses are many.  First of all I kept the covered bowl of this mixture in a window sill that is a tad drafty. I would expect the temperature in this area reaches no higher than sixty five degrees Fahrenheit. The ideal room temperature for a yeast culture to grow should be warmer. Also, I am using wheat flour that is a tad old. Not sure if this makes a difference. Third, the recipe I am following did not mention adding any outside sugars to kick start the process. Some of these sour dough starter methods I have read online mention adding a little sugar or juice to move this along. My concoction so far is nothing more than a flat bowl of mush that occasionally separates, but does not have really any bubbling or rising. I will continue this process a few more days before I try something else.

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