Monday, October 15, 2012

Different Ways to use up Leftover Bratwurst

Whether hosting a large backyard cookout with friends or having a low key Sunday family grill out, chances are if you are cooking a large batch of bratwurst, one will most likely have leftovers. Typically, leftover grilled meats are usually served up the second time in a same manner as the initial offering. In other words, leftover sausages and hot dogs are most often micro waved the next day for lunch or dinner and eaten in a bun with condiments on top. Been there, done that. Then there are those times when the party will provide a bounty of extra bratwurst in which a little creativity and imagination are required especially if there are no longer any more buns or you are tired of the condiments. Here are some creative ways to use up Bratwurst without eating them in their typical setting.

Bratwurst and Pasta

There are numerous ways to prepare bratwurst with the aid of pasta. Dishes can be a simple as sautéing cut up brats, peppers, onions, garlic, and tomatoes in a little olive oil or butter. The one pan dish is then served over a bed of ziti or bowtie pasta. Other fun dishes include preparing a pan of lasagna with crumbled leftover bratwurst.

Bratwurst and Eggs

Just about any kind of grilled sausage partners up well with eggs. Bratwurst is no exception. Take a leftover brat or two and chop it up. Sautee it in butter or oil with some other omelet worthy ingredients and you have one amazing scramble. I usually add in diced onion, mushroom, diced tomato and fold in some shredded cheese. If you have a left over baked potato or two, diced it up and add to the scramble. Other great dishes include Bratwurst Frittata.

Bratwurst and cabbage

Bratwurst’s German accompaniment is usually kraut or shredded cabbage. Leftover bratwurst can be cleverly re-purposed by cooking in a slow cooker with cut cabbage, onions, potatoes and a soup base or broth. This slow cooked stew will be quite satisfying and require minimal work (other than cleaning the cooker). Serve this dish wish a good hearty rye and a cold pilsner. Just remember the strudel for dessert!

Bratwurst and Rice

Leftover sausages also can be prepared with any good red beans and rice recipe. If you don’t have one, go with a ready to prepare item such as the Vigo or Zatarains products. Follow directions as noted on package, but add in cubed or thinly sliced bratwurst in final minutes of cooking.

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