Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Do It Yourself Hamburger Buns

So this past Sunday for dinner, I decided to prepare the usual grilled burgers, but this time with a twist. I decided to make hamburger buns from scratch. A lot of time is spent making the perfect patty and having the right condiments, it made sense to develop a really tasty bun. I don’t have a family recipe for homemade sandwich buns, so I proceeded to search the web and found a recipe here.
The ingredients list are short and simple. The recipe yields eight decent sized buns which is perfect since that is the typical count in a store bought package of buns. The recipe was fairly easy to follow using nothing more than yeast, sugar, all purpose flour, and some liquid (milk, oil, egg). The dough was easy to mix and knead with prep time taking a few hours. I productively use the time (between kneading and rising) to do some overdue backyard work and play with the kids. After the dough had risen, and was separated into balls to rise again, I baked them with a little brushing of butter.  The buns came out a beautiful brown and made the kitchen and entire house smell like a bakery! I enjoyed making these homemade buns for dinner, though my only critique of this recipe is the density of this bread. I would have preferred a lighter fluffy hamburger bun that what this recipe produced.
I think these buns would be better suited as a good quality dinner roll to go with soup or stew.  I am not sure what makes a lighter bun? Is it less kneading? Different flour? I will have to keep experimenting and perusing the web for answers as I would like to be able to produce a super light hamburger bun. If anyone has a good recipe to make light and fluffy hamburger buns, please share.

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