Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Buchty Recipes - Slovak Sweet Buns

Some of the best recipes found within Czechoslovak, Polish or any Eastern European cuisine are established amongst pastries and breads. Aside from indulging in a deliciously popular Czech treats of kolacky or bublanina , there are other tasty breads and desserts to try out. One delicious Slovak treat I remember well is the filled sweet bun called buchty. These buns can be found in most Slovak and Czech restaurants or bakeries. I remember this treat as a child as the sweet yeast raised buns had a glossy finish with a filling consisting of fruit jams or a danish like cheese with raisins or poppy seeds. The trick to making these desserts is to adequately knead the dough and using a fruit or cheese filling that is thick enough to avoid seepage during the baking process. I was unfortunate in my own family recipe search to locate a buchty recipe. I was able to find several rather tasty recipes on the internet to share right here on this blog.  As I have reviewed these, they all appear worthy of trying out. Here is a list of my findings for preparing your own buchty.
1.       Buchty Recipe 1: This first recipe looks incredible if the final product matches anything close to the pictures. I would definitely like to try this one; though I will need to convert the measurements as I am accustomed to English. 

2.       Buchty Recipe 2: The buchty shown in this second recipe link has a hot dog bun shaped appearance. They do look delicious and the recipe seems relatively easy to follow.

3.       Buchty Recipe 3: This buchty recipe calls for farmers cheese which is no easy to feat to find here in the U.S.  The person that posted this recipe appears to have leaned on Brizova’s cookbook in putting this recipe together. The measurements are English and appear inconsistent as the author seemed to botch up the first attempt at baking, though it was confessed to not kneading the dough long enough at the end of the post.

4.       Buchty Recipe 4: This Slovakian buchty recipe appears to “steam” the yeast raised dough rather than using the traditional baking method as shown in the other recipes.  These almost look like the Asian “bao” dumplings once they are complete. I have never seen buchty prepared this way, though the cross cut picture of the steamed dumpling with plum filling appears to look very delicious. Drizzle one of these with sauce or cinnamon sugar in butter!

5.      Buchty Recipe 5: This recipe by Petra has excellent step by step instructions with great photos to match. The final product takes on a hot dog bun shaped appearance like recipe#2 above.  This is another buchty recipe that uses a thick plum jam for a filing.