Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year From My Favorite Czech Recipes

Alas, another year has come and gone and I am now looking forward to a busy, but fun 2012. I look back at the posted recipes for 2011 (rajska omacka, cucumbers in sour cream, roast duck, and Christmas checkerboard cookies) with inspiration to create more Czech dishes during the New Year. Since the launch of this blog a few years back, I have posted just about every Czech recipe I have in my recipe box to date, though I am to the point where I will begin experimenting with existing recipes created by others and tweak them here and there (if my taste buds demand it). I realize people like to visit this site for classics such as Svickova and Dumplings; please understand this is a blog which grants me the opportunity to ramble with other Czech recipes and those non-Czech recipes. I also enjoy sharing a few cooking tips whenever possible.

On a side note, I just uploaded a new crock-pot Italian Beef recipe that I am happy to share. It is a recipe passed over from my mom. This simple recipe requires a simple inexpensive cut of pot roast that slow cooks throughout the day, yielding a tasty tender sandwich.

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Mark said...

I love Czech cuisine! I take regular holidays on Prague city breaks and the food is amazing! I end up spending most of my money on food!!