Monday, November 28, 2011

German Apple Pancake Baked in a Skillet

The weekend was busy as it began last Thursday preparing a Thanksgiving dinner for nine people and preparing subsequent turkey leftover meals throughout the rest of the extended weekend. Many hours were spent within the confines of just the kitchen. I was successfully able to use up just about all the remaining turkey from Thanksgiving which involved the likes of turkey sandwiches and even a round of southwest turkey wraps.

I did manage to squeeze in a favorite Sunday morning treat for the family. I took time out to prepare a skillet baked German Apple Pancake. The recipe has been in my possession for years and I love to make this with a very tart apple such as a granny smith. For those that have not prepared a German apple pancake, the final presentation is a combination of cinnamon apple tart and egg custard base. The skillet allows for the delicious pancake to develop crispy edges with a sweet baked custard inside that is topped with caramelized apples with cinnamon sugar and nutmeg. The decision to add syrup is a matter of personal preference, though it really does not need any additional help with respect to sweetness.

I had posted this recipe on my squidoo site many moons ago and will post the link here. This recipe appeals to those breakfast lovers of pancakes, French toast, crepes and fancy egg dishes. Just add the flavors of apple and cinnamon and this breakfast is a hit. There are several variations of the German Apple pancake recipe floating about on the internet. They all are pretty close together as the call for the ingredients of three to four eggs, flour, baking powder, butter, cinnamon sugar, and apples. This recipe will comfortably feed four. If your group is large consider doubling up the recipe.

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