Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Food Review Blog

I just wanted to make a quick post to announce that I have created a consumer blog called the Fork in the Road. This blog was set up as a result of my “brand x” purchasing behavior influenced by the outrageously inflated food prices that have hit our household budgets hard. While I still consider certain brand labels as my primary choice for purchasing, I have substituted several items on my grocery list that provide just as good if not better results than the brand name alternative. My trial and error experiments with purchasing generic or store brand foods from Target, Meijer, Jewel, and ALDI influenced me to set up a blog to journalize the results. Feel free to stop by my new blog at

With respect to this site, I plan on moving forward with my Czech recipe blog business as usual with some upcoming fun fall family recipes and cooking tips to share. Once we get a cool snap, I will be getting back into the kitchen to make several batches of my yeast raised dumplings and some pork roast. The one great thing I love about cooler temperatures is the ability to use the oven and make roasts. Speaking of fall harvest, I hope everyone is taking advantage of the great produce available at their local farmers markets with a large abundance of squash, corn, and fresh apples. Our family just took a trip out to the apple orchard a week ago and I tasted my first 2011 batch of apple cider donuts. These donuts are sinfully good and I would really like to try and learn how to make these, though I hardly consider my Fry daddy capable of producing an assembly of donuts. I may have to defer to the experts for these.

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