Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Review of Dunkin Donuts K Cups

The timing of running out of office coffee and the new release of Dunkin Donuts K-Cups could not have come at a better time a few days back as our coffee storage was bare and a co-worker and I were really dying for a good cup of brew. A few months back, my office recently purchased the Keurig one cup coffee maker due to fellow workers having preferences for different coffee flavors (and strengths). There was apparently too much coffee waste and the “one cup at a time” brew system appeared to be the best solution for everyone’s needs. One of my favorite standby coffees for the Keurig system has become the “Donut Shop” coffee. This particular brew is decent and reminds me of a morning breakfast blend coffee.  Donut Shop K cups have become my weekday morning staple to help kick start the day right. Now enter the finally released Dunkin Donuts K Cups. They are sold at most Dunkin Donuts locations of which one can purchase a box of fourteen at approximately $12.00 or comes out to about eighty six cents for an eight to ten ounce cup depending upon brew choice. I went “halfsies” with a co-worker and split a box of this coffee down the middle setting me back about six dollars. The taste was pretty decent but did not taste as good as the Dunkin Donuts coffee sold “ready to drink” at the stores. The taste was not even as good as the take home bagged coffee that is brewed in the conventional coffee maker. I consider the Dunkin Donuts K cup to have a slightly better flavor than Donut Shop.  I also would recommend this made at the eight ounce strength as the ten ounce appears a tad diluted. I will probably buy these Dunkin Donuts K cups once in a while as they are much more expensive than the Donut shop k cups which are delicious in their own way. I will also have to remember this item down the road as a nice gift for friends and family during the holidays.

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