Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How To Use Up Milk About to Expire

At one time or another one is going to be faced with a decent amount of milk that is going to go to waste if not used up very quickly. The reasons for excess milk are numerous. One reason may be leaving town for a few days or purchasing too much due to entertaining other guests.  Perhaps the neighbor is on their way out of town and left you with practically a full gallon of 2% to next to the one in the refrigerator. There are numerous ways to make use of this extra milk without letting it go sour. Keep in mind that the date on milk cartons is typically the “end of sale” date. As long as the grocery store is using adequate refrigeration, there is no reason why the milk should not last an additional four to seven days in your refrigerator past the sale expiration date. That being said let your nose and taste buds be the judge as if it smells or tastes funky, you know what to do. Here are several ways to buy extra time for that milk about to expire.
Using up extra milk at the breakfast table
·         Pancakes – Scour the web and cookbooks and you will find tons of pancake recipes that require milk. This is a great way to burn up two to three cups of milk in a hurry. Consider making a double batch of pancakes with the notion of freezing them for later use! I do this all the time and these frozen pancakes serve my kids well when other items such as eggs or cereal are low in stock.
·         French toast – A good amount of milk can be done away with quickly by beating in a few eggs and adding a little vanilla. Dip some leftover bread slices into the batter and you got some killer French toast for breakfast.
·         Scrambled Eggs – Make a good egg scramble or omelets by cracking several eggs and beating in a good portion of milk. Once you add a little chopped bacon and shredded cheeses, you are in business!
Using up extra milk for desserts
·         Puddings and Custards – Milk is the starter of creating a good pudding; so why not making one from scratch? I would recommend a slow cooked or homemade pudding recipe as opposed to an instant pudding recipe when using milk that is close to expiration.  I would also try baked desserts such as bread pudding or flan to stretch that milk.
·         Ice Creams – Most ice cream recipes will allow milk substitution to whole milk or half and half. These recipes typically call for heating up the cream and incorporating different flavors prior to the freezing stage. These recipes alone will help use up at least a half gallon of milk.
Using up extra milk for supper
·         Soups – How many chowders and bisques can be made with the additional of a good portion of milk?
·         Potato Dishes – Potatoes are a good hideout for leftover milk. If you have a few days left on that extra milk, make a decent batch of mashed potatoes which will take care of a cup or two of milk. Add some butter, garlic, salt and pepper to your mashed potatoes and serve with you main dish. Extra milk also will be ideal for making a batch of scalloped potatoes.
When All Else Fails With Leftover Milk
Freeze Milk – This is a very simple way to save leftover milk. Consider subdividing the milk into smaller freezer safe containers that can be frozen and thawed as needed. Keep in mind the freezing process will alter the composition of the milk usually making appear more yellow which is due to the fat separation from the rest of the milk. When the milk thaws give it a good shake and it will look like its original state. If you do not care for the taste or thought of freezing milk, consider the frozen milk an ideal solution to soup starters, cheese sauce starters, and any other dish where milk will be added and disguised with other flavors.


Louisette said...

Interresting blog, much recipes Czech

Nathan Munn said...

Making yogurt is a great option that I do quite often. The re-pasteurization buys you some more time on milk and acid end product keeps longer than regular milk. I suppose you could do sour cream too that would probably be more useful for Czech cooking than yogurt.