Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How To Remove Berry Stains from White Countertops

Throughout the chaos of baking, salad preparation, or any kind of preparation with produce, it will not be surprising to realize kitchen counters can become quite messy. This unfortunate realization hits even harder when one such as myself has white laminated countertops in the kitchen. In my case, that is a dangerous combination whenever I prepare berries, gelatins, or even make the kids a pitcher of kool –aid as was the case last weekend assembling a fruit salad for my youngest son’s birthday party. Simply attacking the countertops with hot dish detergent water on a washcloth will not be enough to successfully remove the stains. There are several alternatives to restoring a white counter that has become stained from berries or any other strong dyed food.
1.       Mr. Clean Magic Eraser – This has to be one of the best things to hit households since sliced bread. After they dye has contaminated the surface, do you best to dab the moist stain with folded over paper towel, being careful not to spread the spill of the stained area. Now that the area is dry, get out the magic eraser and give the area a good working over. The stain should lift off easily.
2.       Bleach (and bleach based products) – Some greenies and other parties seem to demonize using bleach at all in the household. I worked several years in food service kitchens and always standby the cleaning and disinfecting powers of chlorine bleach. Once the wet kool aid or berry stain has been lifted with paper towel, take a cap full of direct bleach, and let it sit on stained area for about five to ten minutes. Once time is up, take a very damp sponge and rub out the stain. I also recommend the use of such chlorine based products such as comet with bleach or soft scrub. These compounds should also be given a healthy amount of time to set on stain before lifting off. Whether using bleach or bleach based products, be sure to adequately rinse area clean before drying off.
3.       Tooth Paste – Take a old fashioned white or cream colored toothpaste and apply a generous amount to the stained area. Rub in the toothpaste slightly with an old toothbrush and allow to set for about ten minutes. Come back and work the area again with toothbrush, then rinse and dry the area.
4.       Baking Soda – Baking soda like vinegar is a definite household staple when it comes to being a natural cleanser. Take a few tablespoons of water and mix with a little water to form a paste. For a stronger solution, one can add a little peroxide to the baking soda. Now take an old toothpaste and apply to stained area. Allow paste to set on stain for about ten minutes prior to rinsing off.

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