Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ten Good Songs About Food

Why is it that there are not too many song titles or lyrics for the passionate foodie? I racked my brain about this on my commute home from work. Just about every song is written about a new found love, lost love, love of pet, or lack of love. What about love of food or cooking? Trying to find songs about passion for food is one thing, and I am sure with enough artistic creativity one could come up with something better than a Wiggles song about Fruit Salad. I did some scavenging and was able to pull up several titles that pay homage to food or food related content. After diluting my list, I came up with what I consider the top ten songs about food……..or even eating.
1.       American Pie (by Don McLean) – “bye, bye, Miss American Pie……..took the Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry.” My throat would get dry from singing this song. This was a jukebox staple when I was a kid, though I usually didn’t select it. I felt it deserved this list as it is a classic.
2.       Cheeseburger in Paradise (by Jimmy Buffet) This song is a ballad for just about any griller and flip flopper. “I like mine with lettuce and tomato, Heinz 57 and French fried potato”. Don’t we all Jimmy? This song is so summer eating, it really should be ranked number one.
3.       Cherry Pie (by Warrant) – Ah yes. I had to have at least one big hair heavy metal group on this list. I think cherry pie is only part of the message in the song.
4.       I Want Candy (by Bow Wow Wow) – Who doesn’t like candy? Not quite the Sugar, Sugar by the Archies.
5.       The Candy Man (by Sammy Davis) – I always remembered this song as a kid. It was nice to see a Homer Simpson remake of this a few years back. Sammy was such a cool dude.
6.       The Spam Song (by Monty Python) – I don’t ever recall eating Spam ever in my life. There is a spam culture out there that would make this song their national anthem.
7.       Coconut (by Harry Nilsson) – “You put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up”. Sounds like the beginnings of one fantastic tropical drink, just remember the rum.
8.       Eat it (by Weird Al Yankovic) – One could also add Weird Al’s “Fat”, “I Love Rocky Road”, and “Eye of the Kaiser” to this mix. Heck, just use the whole Weird Al Yankovic food album.
9.       Ice Cream Man (by Van Halen) – This was the older David Lee Roth group. “I’m your Ice Cream Man”.  Good song. Van Halen was one of my favorite groups from about grades 6 – 12.
10.   TV Dinners (ZZ Top) – I struck at the eighties rock core was again by throwing ZZ top on this list. “TV Dinners………nothing else to eat”.  I can’t remember the last time I have had a TV dinner, unless you include those Marie Calendar zap ems.