Thursday, April 14, 2011

Problems With Kitchenaid Coffee Maker

Forever and a day I have held kitchenaid products as the “crème de la crème”. They were top banana appliance makers since I was a kid and witnessed my parents dishwasher exceed twenty plus years. I will never really know how long that strong dinosaur dishwasher really lasted since it was sold with the house back in 1991. Anyhow, fast forwarding to the year 2000, I was the newlywed in the midst of purchasing some appliances for our apartment. We had our sights on a tried and true brand at the time, Kitchen aid. This company was in our minds as the “go to” appliance maker for the happy healthy home. The mixer is a standup appliance and I will forever recommend the kitchen aid mixer as a staple in every home. The kitchenaid coffee maker is not such a great appliance.
Where do the problems begin? Well, the bottom burner element appeared to crap out on us about six years into its life. The coffee would reduce down to a barely warm temperature about an hour after brewing. The other obstacle with the brewer was the lines were so prone to seize up and stop brewing after a month or two due to hard water deposits. My remedy to this was simply brewing a concoction of half cold water and white vinegar to “clear” the lines. That apparently worked but became virtually a monthly ritual for which I grew tired of very quickly. The other problem encountered with this brewing machines were the daily spills I would experience trying to fill the pot and pour a cup of coffee due to the ridiculously tiny pour spout on the pot. Suffice it to say, I got about six good years and five bad years out of this coffee maker. I have always held kitchen aid appliances to the highest degree, but I will pass on purchasing another Kitchenaid coffee machine. I am happy to say I finally replaced this kitchen aid coffee maker with a simple Mr. Coffee 12 cup brewer courtesy of a visit to Costco.

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