Sunday, March 13, 2011

Czech Lent Dishes on Fridays

It is that time of year again for those that are in observance of the lenten holiday. I recall a few definite meatless dishes that stick out in my mind as a kid growing up in a catholic household. Most of these days were considered friday night fish frys. The fish fries were either carryout, homemade, or we would go to the local VFW where they would do an "all you can eat" beer batter cod dinner. Even as a kid I loved this food. But meatless Fridays did not always mean eating fish.

One of the biggest czech friday meatless dishes I fondly remember are the fruit dumplings. They were so good! My mom and even my babi would make these with a variety of fruits which included plums, peaches, and different berries. I have already posted a fruit dumpling recipe on this blog which can be found here. As a kid I loved this food because it was like getting dessert for dinner. These are always a challenge to make because sometimes the dough has a tough time stretching over the bulky fruit. I will sometimes simply cheat and make the fruit separately in its own sauce and top over the cooked dumpling. The sky is the limit with the choice of fruit.

If we didn't eat fish or fruit on fridays, we would certainly sit down to a good scrambled egg with mushroom dish or even a large pan of baked macaroni and cheese. I think I handled giving up meat much easier as a kid that I do now. I am not so sure why that is since there are so many good recipes out there. I ask the blog readership and even fellow foody bloggers to feel free to offer up any favorite meatless dishes they may enjoy or have experienced within their own traditions. Any Czechs or czech ex-pats, I would really welcome your ideas as well; especially if you know some good potato dishes.

On a closing note, I would like to extend my deepest thoughts and prayers to our Japanese friends halfway around the globe.

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