Monday, January 3, 2011

Taste of Europe - Beer Variety Pack

As I entered into this past holiday season, I  stocked up with plenty of food and beverages to keep family and friends happy and merry. The appetizers, dinner, and desserts were tasty as always and I really appreciated the offerings brought over from our guests. Pot luck parties are the way to go to really stretch a party budget. Aside from our own offerings, I anted up the cost of beer and wine for our guests. One of the key pick-ups this Christmas season was the European beer variety pack at Costco. The beer was $17.99 and featured beer from Czech Republic, Poland, and Italy. Each country offered up six beers in this “eighteen pack”.  I figured a buck a beer for quality beers during the holidays was a no brainer.
The Czech beer was represented by none other than Pilsner Urquell. We love this beer and usually serve it with authentic Czech dishes of Roast Pork, Svickova, or roast duck. The beer is rich and has a certain heaviness for which I top out after one or two feeling quite full. My taste buds love Pilsner Urquell.
The second beer of this variety pack was Tyskie. This beer won me over during the holiday celebration. For an eastern European beer, it is surprisingly light with a hint of citrus or some other fruit flavor, and very crisp. The beer was enjoyed by my wife that usually settles for very light beers such as Miller LIte and Corona. The only down side to this beer is the slightly smaller volume as it weighs in at a 11.2 ounces as opposed to the usual 12 ounces.
Pieroni of Italy was the third beer represented in this assortment. Like Pilsner Urquell, I have also had this beer numerous times. I occasionally order Pieroni when dining at my favorite Italian restaurant. For those that have not tried Pieroni, it is a light pour and light taste. It is not as light as Tyskie, but definitely a good accompaniment to appetizers or a pizza gathering.               

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