Friday, September 17, 2010

Tips For Freezing Dumplings

While I feel free to share or occasionally push my Czech recipes on to the blogosphere audience, one thing remains constant with most of these dishes. They are almost always served with Knedliky (dumplings). The occasional exception may be the boiled potato or potato pancakes (bramboraky). I love, love, love homemade knedliky. Nothing against the fine folks at Chateau, but a kettle full of fresh yeast raised dumplings is the way to go.

That being said, it is probably wise to make enormous batches to make the time spent in the kitchen worthwhile. Consider triple or quadrupling the recipe and plan on freezing some for the next few months. Dumplings are definitely conducive to freezing provided the method is done correctly. I also recommend a freeze period no greater than sixty to seventy days. I honestly have not gone beyond this timeframe so not exactly sure the max here!

Once the dumplings are done cooking and sliced, they can be prepared for freezing by one of two methods. One method simply involves a tight wrap of plastic film followed by a tight double wrap of freezer paper that is taped closed. Finish the process by writing the date on the wrapper and freeze. I have had good luck with freezer paper keeping meats and dumplings well sealed. The other method involves wrapping the cooled dumplings in plastic film, then placing them in the Ziploc “freezer” storage bags. I would recommend going with a reputable brand such as Ziploc that offers thick protection as to avoid freezer burn or drying out.

Avoid cutting corners when freezing dumplings. DO NOT:

1. Place dumplings in GLADWARE and chuck in the freezer
2. Place dumplings in simple film of saran wrap and foil and chuck in the freezer.
3. Place dumplings in Tupperware and chuck in the freezer.

Those are my dumpling freezing tips. Now what are you waiting for? Go make those dumplings for the fall season!


Island pepperpot said...

Found your blog today, very interesting dishes, I will be following you

Tillsonburgarian said...

What I do is make a bunch, cut them in half, put them in regular plastic bag, freeze them and when solid vaccum pack each half separately. They last well over a year. Unless eaten first, of course.