Monday, August 2, 2010

Purchasing a floor model dishwasher

In the kitchen my wife and I have had to wash dishes the old fashioned way for about a year now. We have established a two person operation where one washes and the other dries and puts away. I will admit there are times when this has been a great opportunity to catch up on conversation with the wife since the typical meal involves constant interruption by the little ones. This routine does grow old quickly though with the kids using up several glasses daily and the dish count getting crazy when we have guests over.

The main reason for the old way of dishwashing was attributed to a complete breakdown of our aging Amana dishwasher that came with our aging home. The old machine still had the ability to wash and dry dishes. The Amana failed when a small volume of the old rinse water failed to drain completely from the machine. This pooling of water inside the dishwasher created a skunk water smell that became a constant nuisance. I went online and researched the problem. I ran several diagnostic checks from examining the drain tube from the dishwasher to confirming the disposal was not clogged. Everything else checked out okay except the actual appliance which would require a visit from the technician. That wasn’t about to happen as resorted to hand washing and drying while the defunct machine sat idle.

About a year of this washing dishes the old fashioned way finally got old so we decided to purchase a new a new Whirlpool model last week. The machine is a no bells and whistles appliance. No, it’s not whisper quite, in fact it makes quite a bit of noise when the water jets shoot the dishes. I am quite sure the dog (whom is our kitchen tenant) is quite put off by the sounds of this machine.

The dishwasher was a floor model sold at a low price of $250. The model was very clean, pristine, and the color worked for our kitchen. This was such an easy sell for the retailer as we had become quite burned out washing dishes by hand. The machine easily fit into the back of our minivan and was pretty light to unload. The surprise of this purchase came when we unloaded the dishwasher to realize that a part was missing as was the installation guide. I called the toll free number to Whirlpool and they were very accommodating in e-mailing me the installation model in pdf format.

As for the missing part, I had to go back to the store and they provided me a part (borrowed from another floor model). I have a feeling that is how my machine was shorted to begin this process. I would recommend purchasing a floor model appliance provided you make sure everything is included before you head home. As the machine is celebrating its seven day birthday we have had nothing but pure success. We will keep our fingers crossed it will last us for a long time.

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