Monday, July 26, 2010

Canned or Frozen?

Beer in a Can

As we get older, somehow beer in a can becomes a dying fad. I posted several days ago about my success of making beer can chicken. What struck me as so odd about the preparation of this meal was my patterned behavior of always purchasing beer in bottle form or as a pint draft when dining out. The experience of purchasing beer in a can brought back memories of college parties and uber cheap brew.

Canned Vegetables

Hmm, speaking of canned foods. This leads me to other foods sold in canned form that seem unappetizing. I have always held more sway to purchasing my vegetables from the freezer section when fresh is unavailable. The last resort of veggies has always been the canned version of corn, green beans or mixed vegetables. Something about the appearance, texture and smell of opening up a can of vegetables that makes me want to bail out on eating veggies altogether. If you notice when opening up these canned surprises, the veggies maintain a soggy limp form which nothing can be done to even crispify or crunchify this item back to it a more palatable textured state. Frozen vegetables on the other hand can be steamed to an al dente bite while still maintaining a somewhat bright color. Frozen it is!

Meat in a Can

Spam anyone? I know there is a culture of folks out there that absolutely love Spam and other canned meats. I can honestly say I have never tried it. As I am game to trying just about any food, I would give it a shot if someone prepared it for me. Though it looks very unappetizing and I can’t commit to buying this gelatinous fiberboard meat in a can. Ham in a can does not fare much better as I am spoiled with the abundance of wrapped hams sold fresh or frozen.

Tuna fish is the poster child of meat sold in a can. I use to actual have no issues with tuna packed in a can until the industry or fisheries started using a very mashable sort of tuna species packed in water. For whatever reason the tuna that has been sold for the past year or two has been horrendous in quality as the meat is very mushy and does not have the flaky chunk quality that I have grown to like for many years. It is worth the money to spend a little more and purchase an actual tuna filet from the seafood counter to make a great tuna sandwich.

Fruit in a can

Maybe it is my sweet tooth, but I still enjoy the fruit cocktail or mandarin oranges sold in a can. They taste as good now as they did when I was a tot. They go good with a little cottage cheese.

Pasta in a can

As a kid, I had occasional exposure the sugary pasta dinners in a can such as the beef ravioli and spaghettios. These lunches or suppers might as well have been anointed the king of feasts when I was about seven. Pretty much take some soggy pasta, add some red corn syrup with a hint of tomato and some mysterious beef mixture and you have raviolis in a can. I could eat the canned pastas then, but now, forget it.

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