Thursday, July 8, 2010

Berries and Beer Can Chicken

I have taken a long hiatus from posting on here due to many distractions. One distraction was the family vacation to Disney during mid June. Note to self…….do not vacation in Orlando during the summer. I am from Chicago and was not accustomed to this severe humidity. I can only imagine the heat that prevails during the months of July and August. Perhaps next time I will plan this around the school break during the winter holidays.

Nevertheless everyone had a good time and the kids hit all the traditional rides. I succumbed to the infamous mickey ice cream bar on more than one occasion courtesy of the snack allowance that was part of the Disney dining plan we signed up for prior to our visit. This was our first time using this prepaid meal plan and I would recommend it to anyone. The plan is so worth the money if traveling with a good size group and you are okay with eating at select Disney restaurants located at the resorts and parks (including downtown Disney). The dining plan is prepaid yet allows you to order just about any item under the sun without paying an arm and a leg. Needless to say I ate my fair share of steak and grilled fish during the week.

Aside from summer vacation, little league games, work, and yard and garden tasks, I have resigned myself to get back into the cooking saddle this July. I have two top items that I am looking forward to cooking, one is attempting a beer can chicken and the other is baking some rip roaring good Danish or pastry with berries since these little gems are currently on display at several markets. July is one of my favorite months to cook as so much produce becomes readily available. As for the beer can chicken I have been coaxed into preparing this drunken bird by a neighbor and I will post the results of this grilling conquest in all due time. Stay cool.

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