Thursday, May 13, 2010

What Makes Spotted Cow Ale So Good?

Have you had a Spotted Cow Ale?

Last Sunday we went over to the in laws house for a family Mother’s Day cookout. The food and company were good as usual and much to my surprise, I was offered Spotted Cow ale. The beer has become very popular to the Wisconsin natives as it is brewed in the small town of New Glarus. The beer is served at several taps throughout the cheese state and has become popular among many of us in the neighboring states that make the occasional trek across the state line. I had my first experience with Spotted Cow along with many other New Glarus beers last summer on a day trip to this fun little Swiss town in Wisconsin. I saw several cars driving up a gravel road to this hilltop brewery. My curiosity got the better of me and returned home with a variety pack of New Glarus ales.

What makes Spotted Cow Ale so good?

The answer is in the first taste. The beer is considered light for an ale as it has a fruity smooth taste with no hoppy aftertaste that one will find in most ales. I usually don’t prefer any beer whether micro brewed or macro brewed to be fruity, but the Spotted Cow successfully pulls it off. Perhaps the fruity taste is offset by the flavor of the small amount of corn in addition to the malt flavor.

Appearance of Spotted Cow Ale

Spotted cow beer pours to form a very thin head with decent carbonation and a very gold finish, almost appearing close to a pilsner. The beer is somewhat cloudy which I would presume is from the addition of the extra grain, corn. The light appearance deceives friends, family, and neighbors as becoming a very user friendly beer for those that like the beer on the lighter side.

Would I serve up Spotted Cow with my Czech dishes or any meals?

I think I will stick to pilsners and lagers to go with my Czech meals or any heavier meal for that matter. I would recommend light cream ale such as Spotted Cow for the summer cookout fare of burgers and bratwurst. I would also recommend a pint or two with appetizers such as cheese and crackers or some bruschetta.

Do I work for New Glarus Brewery or get endorsed for reviewing?

Nope. I am just an avid fan of the product and felt it was worth mentioning to blog readers that live up in the Midwest or plan on traveling to Wisconsin. Much to my chagrin, the product is sold only within the state of Wisconsin so I have to provide enough available trunk space every summer I go up north when I make a run for New Glarus beer.

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CJ said...

It's made in Wisconsin! That's why it tastes so good.