Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Top Five Snacks for Sports Viewing

As we gear up to watch our favorite teams hash it out on the ice, diamond, or in the red zone we learn to appreciate certain snacks that are absolute “musts” to make the game experience just right whether we are in the comfort of our own living rooms, at the stadium, or at our favorite sports bar or local corner tap.

At the moment I am holding on to a Stanley Cup dream with the Chicago Blackhawks as I have lived through heartache and disappointment for the past forty years. Perhaps this is the year, then again this is Chicago. Anyhow, I put together my top five “Best Sports Viewing “snack lineup. I usually opt for one or two of these during the game.

Best Sport Viewing Snack: Nachos

There is something about the gianormous sombrero size platter of loaded nachos that gets the buzz going when the national anthem is played before the game. When I say loaded that means everything but the kitchen sink nachos. We are talking chili, more beans, black olives, lettuce, tomatoes, and layer upon layer of cheese, sour cream, and guacamole. You know it is good offering when you can barely see the chips that are buried amongst the rubble of nacho filler. Serve with pitcher of your finest and take a few antacids as a chaser.

Best Sport Viewing Snack: Buffalo Wings

I have been partial to hot wings since I turned twenty one many moons ago. Something about a zesty triple hot garlic buffalo wild wing that gets the motor running. The scoville unit range has been tested at all levels when I have consumed these bad boys. I have tempered my hotness scale downwards as I get older yet occasionally like things nuclear. The compliments of the celery and blue cheese aka (vegetable and dairy) food groups are a must. This one is strictly a home or sports pub based appetizer.

Best Sport Viewing Snack: Fried Everything Basket

What the heck does Fried everything mean? It is the occasional sports bar or pizza pub that has the assembly of mushrooms, zucchini, cauliflower, and just about any other vegetable deep fried and served with the cup of marinara and ranch dressing. Nothing fancy here folks but pure enjoyment. This is binge eating so keep the defibrillator on standby. Another sports pub or home option if you have the deep fryer.

Best Sport Viewing Snack: Chips and Salsa

This one is probably the healthiest of the bunch and also goes south of the border. I have to go with a homemade salsa on this one as Tostitos, pace, and any other commercially mass produced jarred salsa fails the test. Save those jars for taco Tuesday nights. Go with an authentic cold or warm Mexican salsa or even Pico de gallo to immerse the tortilla chip. This would fall into healthy home based category.

Best Sport Viewing Snack: Peanuts

The humongous bag of peanuts still in the shell at the ballpark cries out nostalgia. My oldest brother would probably make this his number one stadium snack as he goes into squirrel mode with the nuts the minute the puck is dropped or the first pitch is thrown. I have a soft spot for this simple snack as I enjoy the ritual of creating a rug of shells around my stadium seat.

Snacks not suitable for Sports Viewing

Items you won’t find on my list include prosciutto and melon, bacon wrapped scallops, and miniature quiches. As they are all tasty items, they hold no place before a sporting event. I also hold off my list the tooth pick loving items such as barbecue meatballs, ham and pickle rollups, and miniature bagel dogs. Keep those for the family get together or neighborhood block party.

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