Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Five Best Grocery Coupon Websites

I love to shop on an empty stomach but really despise shopping on a close to empty wallet. The current state of the economy and uncertainty of the future sort of forces our hand to make painful choices when shopping even for food. There are some areas of shopping I can tweak to save a buck here or there, but I still have certain food luxuries I find difficult to give up. One way to hold on to those grocery items near and dear to our hearts and stomach is through saving coupons.

Sunday papers still issue the inserts of coupons every week, but I am not always inclined to spend two to three bucks for a thick Sunday paper that I barely have time read. The coupon search does not have to end with the one minute exercise of taking scissors to the paper on a Sunday afternoon. There are several no cost obligation websites that you can surf and print for free. I have put together a list of the five best grocery coupon websites.

1. – coupons are not location specific but manufacturer specific so they are okay to use throughout the U.S.

2. – Coupon Mom is a website that populates current deals from smart source and The site is very easy to navigate through for the first time user. I would recommend trying this site to start your coupon clipping campaign. Membership is free and you can even retrieve occasional restaurant coupons should you decide to eat out. Coupon mom also features links to non food related coupons such as electronics and home goods.

3. – Pretty easy to navigate as the user enters their zipcode into a field and the site generates local coupons offered in the circular publications. These coupons can be retrieved and printed off the web.

4. Red – This is a lesser known coupon site, but quite offers quite valuable savings nevertheless. Red Plum does coupon queries also based on your zip code and is free to users.

5. – Good old Valpak. You may have received Valpak coupon mailers in your snail mail on occasion. There is usually some quality items in the package, and the rest is destined for the fire pit or recycler. The Valpak search also begins with zipcode or city and you are on your way to printable coupons of the web.

In addition to these five recommended sites, I would also strongly recommend checking out specific manufacturer websites such as or Also register with your local standby grocer and see if they have mailing lists or store website that offers printable coupons. I shop locally at Meijer and often find good deals that can be found at

Beware of coupon websites that require you to fill out a litany of survey questions just to get to those precious coupons or free offers. If the site is asking for no more than an e-mail address you may still find the coupons worth the hassle of getting spam. I have no trouble signing up for these types of coupon sites since I use a second e-mail address strictly dedicated for potential incoming spam.

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