Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Review of Cool Daddy Deep Fryer by Presto

So this past weekend I decided to try out my coveted Christmas gift from my family, the presto cool daddy deep fryer. As I mentioned in an earlier posting, I am not a huge fried foods consumer as I am trying to shed a few pounds this winter. We did plan a family get together where we made a feast of fried chicken, pulled pork, macaroni and cheese and an assortment of other southern foods as that was our particular theme on Saturday. Calorie counting was not in the cards during this feast.

Overall, I think the cool daddy fryer did an amazing job cooking the chicken. I used Paula Deen’s southern fried chicken recipe which cooks the meat in peanut oil. The fried chicken was almost as good as what I experienced at her restaurant in Savannah. The fryer includes a basket that cooks about three pieces of chicken at a time. The meat is contained in a basket which lowers into the hot oil. The deep fryer has a lid that closes on the oil as it cooks to minimize oil odors and smoke in the area of cooking. I cooked this chicken up at a workstation in my garage to avoid any oil smell in my kitchen and house. The top cover even includes a little window which didn’t really make sense to me since you can’t really watch something cooking deep within the oil.

As I received this cooking gadget as a gift, I do not have a price on this though I have seen it range between $45 to $60 dollars depending upon where and how you shop. The size of this contraption is about two toasters side by side and would fit easily on most counter tops. I think this appliance can handle the job for about a family of four. If you plan on cooking for larger groups plan on a bigger fryer or even a second fryer as it took me an hour and a half to cook up sixteen pieces of chicken. (The basket is simply too small for more than a few pieces which take between ten and fifteen minutes to fry).

I would rate the ability to clean this product as fair. Though I do not believe ANY deep fryer is easy to clean as you are dealing with grease that adheres to everything associated with the gadget. Overall, the cleanup was not too bad. I even strained the oil and re-used a second time to prepare more chicken. As long as the used cooking oil isn’t too dark you should be able to get two or three uses from it before discarding or recycling.

I give this little contraption a B+ grade. I would rate it higher if the fumes were less intrusive into the cooking area. My garage took on the peanut oil odor for about thirty six hours before finally dissipating. If you love deep frying and do not have a large group to cook for, I recommend this product. I am already looking forward to making a batch of donuts in the not too distant future.

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