Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Homage to the Thin Mint Cookie

Thin Mint Season

It is that time of year again in which we receive our annual distribution of six boxes of thin mints cookies sold by the local council of which our daughter is a member. There is something euphoric about gaining access to these little green boxes of heaven that can only be accessible one time a year. I am not sure the reasoning behind this torture. I am pretty sure I order one extra box every year, but the consumption is always completed within thirty days of receiving the cookies. The consumption rate is typically measure “by the sleeve” and not by the amount of cookies. To make six boxes last more than a month surely will not happen. I am often told that if these cookies were sold more than once a year, they would lose their allure. That is plain hogwash.

Thin Mints in Frozen State

In my opinion, the cookies are best enjoyed in the frozen state. Yes I will probably eat one at room temperature the minute the boxes are delivered, but the rest go instantly into the freezer. The tag alongs and all other varieties do not need to be frozen to be fully appreciated. If you want to continue the love of thin mints in the frozen state, I highly recommend a visit to the local dairy queen and check to see if your local franchise carries the DQ thin mint blizzard. It is out of this world.

The Crazy Uses of Thin Mints

I have scoured the web and cook books and see this treat being used as pie crusts, brownies, and homemade ice cream, That is fine if you want to burn up a four dollar box of cookies where the poor “once a year” cookie is merely served as a an addition and not the main event. For those types of recipes, I suggest the use of Feebler Grasshopper cookies. The Feebler variety of chocolate mint cookie while tasty is NO Girl Scout thin mint. The chocolate of the grass hopper seems thicker but more milk chocolaty. I prefer the dark chocolate of the Girl Scout cookie as well as the taste of the wafer or cookie much better. The grasshopper bodes well in these recipes however.

Where to find girl scouts thin mints

If you didn’t have a brownie or Girl Scout knocking on your door to pitch her sale this past January, you can still look to other avenues to find cookies. Google the girl scouts in your area and they will usually direct you to local council selling cookies in your neighborhood. The local grocery stores will also sometimes allow the local troop to set up card table at the entrance to the store and sell cookies. The bakeries or organization do not sell them through a website which is unfortunate. The most desperate cookie searchers will look to the auction sites such as e-bay to find greedy hawkers of tag alongs even late into the season. Such practices are devious and will only get you a stale cookie in return for your hard earned money.

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