Friday, January 1, 2010

What to do with extra holiday cookies

Okay, Christmas is over your kitchen counters are probably still littered with excess plates and boxes of cookies, candies, and bars accumulated from the previous four weeks of treat exchanging. Dear friends and family have put forth the time and effort to make these delicious treats so simply throwing away the excess goods may seem heartless and out of the question. Here are a few ideas regarding what to do with extra holiday cookies other than donating them to the local landfill:

1. Freeze – Depending upon how much freezer storage space you have, consider freezing excess treats in numerous smaller ziplock freezer bags or containers. These smaller portioned amounts of cookies will allow you to pull treats as needed and will last for months to come.

2. Work – Bringing the cookies to work immediately after the holidays is critical. You will be amazed at how quickly co-workers, vendors, and clients gobble up your unwanted excess of baked goods. Try to avoid bringing leftover Christmas cookies after the New Year holiday as this move will most likely backfire with two thirds of your work staff going on a “diet” which will most likely last about one week.

3. Kids Lunches – Pack the treats into the kid’s lunches when they return to school. (This goes with #1). This will save you a trip to the store for Oreos and other brand name cookies. The homemade chocolate chip taste better anyway.

4. Outdoor Critters – When all else fails, you may want to consider crumbling up your cookies and feeding to the birds and other critters outside. This practice is not advisable if your local critters include bears.

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