Thursday, December 24, 2009

Easy Holiday Punch

During the Christmas and New Year holiday, I enjoy of good cup of cheer or would I would deem a festive and easy to make holiday punch. The holiday punch is ideal for the family or gathering of friends as it satisfies many thirsty guests and keeps you beer, wine, and liquor stop from being depleted in just one evening. For this reason alone you may consider preparing an adult only and children’s punch.

There are so many punch recipes out there that are very tasty. My recipe is fairly simple and quite familiar to most. It involves the usual fruit juices, carbonation, and occasionally a little kick (that is if the guests are all adults). It is pretty difficult to mess up a punch, but there are few pointers to consider when preparing this holiday refresher. First, do not dump ice cubes into the punch bowl. There are better ways to keep your delicious punch cold such as use of an ice ring. Finally, avoid adding carbonation to your punch too early in the process. I would recommend adding the club soda or ginger ale at the first last minute or when the first guest arrives.

So are you ready to create a punch. Then let’s give it a go!

Easy Holiday Punch With Ice Ring

1 qt cranberry juice
1 qt lemonade
2 cups orange juice
1 qt pineapple juice
1 small jar of maraschino cherries (or orange slices)
2 liter bottle ginger ale (for those that want to use alcohol substitute 1 liter of vodka or light rum in place of gingerale).

1. Prepare ice block for your punch by filling a metal bowl or bundt shaped pan with water.

2. Place cherries in the bowl or bundt pan, then freeze overnight.

3. On day 2, prepare punch by combining all juices and lemonade together (everything except ginger ale) in a large punch bowl or soup tureen.

4. Just before serving, mix in ginger ale.

5. Pull ice ring out of freezer and place in punch bowl.

6. Serve with ladle.

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