Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Review of Packaged Cole Slaw

Halloween went off with a bang as the kids roped in more candy that imaginable. The real success to getting everything done on Saturday was having the dinner prepared first thing in the morning. We made barbecued pulled pork in the crockpot. The marinated pork shoulder made the whole house smell amazing throughout the day and tasted even better in the evening.

In the morning I made a trip to the store to get some hamburger buns and the appropriate topper to a barbecue pork sandwich, coleslaw. The deli counter was fresh out of coleslaw so I found a pre-cut mix sold by Dole in the bagged salad section of the store. The Dole classic coleslaw is sold in a 14 ounce bag and consists of shredded cabbage and carrots. The bag costed a measly $1.50 as it was on sale. The bag also included a recipe on the back of the bag for preparing Classic Cole Slaw. The ingredients to add per the recipe consisted of mayonnaise, milk, vinegar, and sugar. I had all these ingredients at home so my shopping was done.

I prepared the coleslaw first thing after returning home and let it sit in the refrigerator until we returned from trick or treating at 6:00 pm. The pork was shredded and sauce was added yielding a very tasty supper. We topped off the sandwiches with this fresh made coleslaw and the meal went over pretty well.

My overall opinion of the Dole Coleslaw is mixed. I liked the convenience of the shredded mix when cooking in a hurry. It was nice to not have to core and shred cabbage and peel carrots. I think the price is right and it was just the right amount of coleslaw for a family of four. Honestly we had enough for two to three meals. The shredded vegetables were just the right size and very crunchy. The coleslaw would be a good accompaniment to any fried chicken, fish, or barbecue dinner.

I think the recipe provided on the back of the bag could use some tweaking, especially if one plans on eating the coleslaw on its own merit and not as a topping. The coleslaw recipe was rather bland and needed something extra whether it was a little onion, chili sauce, or something with a little kick. We didn’t really spruce it up any further as it was going on top of a zesty barbecue sandwich. I do not normally prepare my own coleslaw as that is a crime given my love for grilled foods. If anyone has any suggestions on kicking up this popular side dish, I welcome the comments.

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