Friday, November 13, 2009

Having Enough Turkey On Thanksgiving

Happy Friday everyone. I am glad to be done with this very long and busy work week. I look forward to getting back into the kitchen and or grill this weekend and knocking out something fun and delectable. I am continuing on with another Thanksgiving Day related post since we are getting close to that great annual feast. There are many rookies out there will be hosting the premiere dinner for family and/or friends. Hosting a meal such as this can be stressful if not adequately prepared. Don’t let the anxiety get the best of you. Gladly accept offers by friends and family members that insist on bringing side dishes, beverages or dessert. One of the more common concerns during this November holiday is having enough turkey. It is pretty easy to approximate how much side dishes one will need whether it is potatoes, stuffing, yams, or vegetables. The pie count is also simple. The real guess-timation involves how much bird to buy for your gathering. My solution is simple. I figure about a pound and a half per person when calculating bird size. My gathering involves seven adults and two children. The two children equate to another adult, so I will be buying for approximately eight adults. Simple math equates the turkey size to 8 people x 1.5 pounds or twelve pounds. Yes I know each person is not going to consume one and half pounds of meat. This ratio does allow for guaranteed leftovers and will easily accommodate any superhuman appetites that show up at your dinner table. If you do plan on purchasing based on this ration, make sure you have containers or wrap suitable for freezing.

You could probably get by with figuring a pound per person and still have leftovers. I have a policy of sending home a little turkey with some guests and still have leftovers for pot pie, tetrazzini, or soups, therefore I stick to the one and a half pound per person rule. This food always hits the spot during the extended November weekend. Just try to find time to squeeze in a jog or yard work to burn off this indulgence.

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