Friday, October 2, 2009

Oatmeal Cookies For Breakfast

So last Sunday I was up for a good meal with idle frozen chicken breasts sitting in my freezer in the garage. The weather has been cool enough to cook in the kitchen again, so I obliged the thought of preparing chicken parmesan though without the parmesan. Huh? I actually was out of parmesan or even Romano cheese in the fridge. I did have an ample supply of garlic, Italian seasonings, bread crumbs, eggs, flour, etc. The chicken was thawed, pulverized, and eventually transformed into a tasty breaded entrĂ©e topped with mozzarella sitting on top of a bed of angel hair. I was able to drizzle the chicken dish with some homemade red sauce I had previously frozen from last month’s bumper crop of tomatoes in my garden.
The successful dinner was only to be followed up by my attempt at Oatmeal cookies. I am not a self proclaimed baker. I consider myself pretty astute with some Czech pastries, cakes, and a few pies here and there. I can even make a few decent loaves of bread. I found my abilities shaken when trying to make a batch of cookies from a recipe read off the inside lid of a generic brand of oats. That was my first mistake. Stick to the classic recipes.
Everything seemed pretty straightforward with ingredients: shortening, sugars, egg, flour, oats, vanilla, and even a few raisins. There may have been one or two additional items. Anyway the finished product looked pretty tasty coming out of the oven every fifteen minutes. The first tasting told me otherwise. The cookie tasted halfway decent, but the cookie was breaking apart easily. I am not sure if the cookie needed another egg. The cookie wasn’t too dry but didn’t seem to hold together. I did use a butter substitute (though transfer free) as my shortening. Perhaps that was my second mistake. I don’t know. I had one lonely stick of butter left in the house and wasn’t about to tap that well dry. The kids liked the cookies but I have tasted way better. It didn’t help that I removed the cookies from the cooling rack too quickly. The end result was a platter full of cookies sort of stuck to each other.
The cookies have been getting needlessly consumed by the kids and I for breakfast every day this week. The meal has been realized as a somewhat healthy breakfast as the offering is void of transfats and has oodles of fiber rich oats.
Lesson learned that next time I will stick to the traditional cookie recipes to the standard Betty Crocker and Taste of Home cookbooks. I will also use sticks of butter instead of the faux shortening which probably caused this whole mess. Better yet, I will outsource this cookie assignment to the Mrs.

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