Monday, October 5, 2009

Autumn Beers

The autumn days in Chicago are definitely getting crisper with temperatures plummeting into the fifties and sixties. The change of seasons leaves me with added items to the monthly chore list such as cleaning out the garden, gutters, and doing a heck of lot of raking with our maple trees dropping every leaf imaginable. Unfortunately these chores cut in to my time to try and prevent some time in the kitchen to do some cooking, baking and even sneaking in a round of golf here and there.
The changing of the season though gets me amped up to shop quality autumn beers sold at the local liquor store. The fall brings forth the return of dishes created in the oven and dutch oven so I like to dabble with a few ales and Oktoberfest brews to match the mood. A couple of suggestions.
1.Sam Adams Oktoberfest – This dark amber beer is has a more malty finish. The taste is a little toasty and nutty, but incredibly but satisfying. This is my “go to beer” when settling down in the big chair after a tough Saturday of errands or entertaining friends on a Saturday evening. This is the treat of “trick or treats” among friends. After all, the hot and muggy margarita season has been gone since Labor Day, so why not opt something a little heavier for the cool weather?
2.Pilsner Urquell – Okay I am guilty of always having a special place in my heart for this beer of beers. I liken this beer to the cool Sunday afternoon accompaniment to a roast pork, dumpling, and gravy dinner. Add some sour cream, dilled cucumbers and you will be burping forever. Still, I love this beer and it is a frequent favorite until the mercury rises again in the following spring when I opt for lighter beers.
3.Dortmunder or DAB – This one is sometimes a real challenge to find. When I turned 21, my choice of fare was a German restaurant in the suburbs of Chicago that served this awesome beer in a giant glass boot. This German Lager comes across pretty smooth with a little zip on the flavor when you take your first few sips. It is not as special as the Pilsner or Oktoberfest brews but certainly goes well for nostalgic reasons.

There is my modest list of three beers. I occasionally pass a handful of local and faraway craft beers that contain some semblance of pumpkin origin whether pumpkin ale or derived from pumpkins. Perhaps I will give those a try.

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