Saturday, August 22, 2009

Getting Rid of the Japanese Beetle

Well I am in the process of reaping the rewards of my tomato garden as several beefsteak tomatoes have come in as a bumper crop. We are going through the motions of making some delicious bruschetta and margarita pizzas which kicked off last night during a neighborhood get together. I think the excess of tomatoes may lead us to do some canning or make some marinara sauces to freeze for later use. I originally planted six tomato plants and am stuck with more tomatoes than I know what do with. Not one will go wasted, I promise that much.

Anyhow, while picking my crop of tomatoes using my kid's sandbuckets, I noticed how badly attacked my raspberry bushes were. The leaves were all eaten up with swiss cheese holes located in all five plants. Upon closer inspection, I realized the predator was in fact the japanese beetle. This little pest seemed to lay off my garden last year but has invaded my backyard in 2009. They do not seem to care for the tomato plants, but the raspberries are another story.

These little monsters seem to have a coppery color and will rest or attach to the plant whether on the leaves or the stem. Doing some reading and talking to neighbors I have learned that the best mode of attack against these critters is through a diluted spray of garlic and water or water mixed with ivory soap. I will do the garlic thing first as it is readily on hand. I fortunately will still be getting a small yield of berries thanks to our resident bumblebees that work on the flowers every day.

I will keep the blog updated on my fight of getting rid of the Japanese beetle.

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