Thursday, July 30, 2009

How to Prepare Foil Roasted Potatoes on the Weber

Overall it has been a remarkably mild summer in Chicago with temperatures averaging no higher than low eighties (knock on wood). I have been happy to not have to crank up the AC as the weather has been cooperative and I have been able to keep windows open most of the summer. That being said we have been reluctant to do too much cooking in the kitchen as to avoid heating up the house. The cooking has been focused more on utilization of the grill and serving cool meals. Obviously there are several meals that require stove or oven even in the summer, but we try to minimize this type of cooking during the dog days.
One of our guilty pleasures is carbohydrates whether in the form of bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, or beer. We like them all. Potatoes are usually prepared in the oven or stove, but there is a way to make them on the grill and I will show you how. The grilled or roasted potatoes are a family favorite and go great with burgers or sausages. I do recommend that you double or triple wrap the potatoes to insure keeping the oil within the potatoes that may be lost from tearing or the foil becoming undone during the cooking stage.

Potatoes on the Grill.
6 Baked potatoes, peeled and sliced thin.
1 medium sweet onion such as a Vidalia, julienned
1 sprig of rosemary
Salt and pepper
½ stick of butter or ¼ cup of olive oil
1.Arrange potatoes on large sheet of foil.
2.Add onions and rosemary on top of potatoes.
3.Add butter or oil along with salt and pepper.
4.Wrap foil around potatoes.
5.Double wrap another sheet of foil around potatoes.
6.Place on medium heat grill and roast 10 minutes on each side.
7.Remove from heat and serve.

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