Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Food Blogging For The Fun of It

Hello again. I just thought I would pass along a quick note about my time spent talking about my passion for food. My food interests include preparing czech cuisine, grilling on my patio, or even tasting some quality eats at restaurants of my choosing whether in Chicago or while traveling abroad. I do relish the opportunity to debrief everyone on my successful recipes as well as those I consider works in process. Not only do I journalize my cooking efforts on this site, but I also take time to post recipes and food related articles at Squidoo. Squidoo is a compilation of several individual websites or what they call "lenses" for people to showcase their interests in basically a one page summary. I currently have such lenses on how to throw an Oktoberfest party, how to prepare barbecue pork in a crockpot and even cover back yard grill offerings such as tasty fish tacos. If those don't sound appealing enough, you can learn the fine art of preparing a classic chicago hot dog. I will always do most of my food journalizing on this site but find it necessary to point out my other recipe and food posts that exist outside of this blog. I look forward to posting some additional quality czech and non-czech tasty food items in the next few months. Check back here often and feel free to introduce yourself and passion for czech or non-czech cooking in the comments section of the posts.

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Andrea said...

So, wonderful to find you. I was born & raised in Slovakia and moved here 7 years ago. Now I live in Portland, Oregon. Slovak & Czech food is for me the ultimate comfort. I cook it every once in a while - definitely not as much as I would like to - but only because there are so many new delicious recipes out there for me to try.
Anyway, I'll have to go through your archives, I'm sure your posts will bring back many yummy memories.
I also have a couple of Slovak recipes on my blog and now - more than ever - I'm planning to add some more of them.