Thursday, May 21, 2009

What to do with Leftover Chili

As I peruse my freezer in the garage, I see a lot of sealed up leftovers that can be created into future meals during the upcoming weeks. One thing that always can be found in my freezer is a batch of leftover chili.

Chili is a fun dish to prepare when getting ready for the big game or having on hand for good size gatherings. Everyone seems to have their own style of making it whether it is Texas Chili, Turkey Chili, beer chili, etc. They all seem to taste pretty good. The biggest problem with chili is that most recipes call for good size a yield which means that you will have the chore of deciding what to do with leftover chili. I have a few ideas that seem to go well with my family.

One of the quickest ways we get rid of leftover chili is by making Mexican lasagna. This dish is really about layering up tortillas with ladlefuls of leftover chili and Monterrey or Oaxaca cheese in between each tortilla and chili layer. Place the lasagna pan in the oven and heat up at 350 F for an hour and serve hot with a dollop of sour cream and chopped green onion or olives.
Another tasty lunch or dinner with leftover chili is to serve hot over a baked potato. This marriage of potato meets chili becomes a solid marriage of taste and fulfillment. I like to add a little cheddar and salsa to this combination for a satisfying dinner.

Other useful chili ideas include combining with cream cheese and warming in the oven to make a hot dip or placing on a bed of lettuce and tomatoes within a golden tortilla bowl for a tasty summer salad.
With Chili leftovers, the possibilities are endless.

So that is the story with the chili remains. I hope everyone is gearing up for a good Memorial Day weekend. Hang the flags out front if you have them and be sure to thank a fellow veteran for his or her service to America. This is also a good weekend to get out into the yard and do some gardening, golfing, and grilling. I will definitely do some gardening and grilling and try and sneak in at least nine holes.

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