Monday, May 25, 2009

Planting Raspberries

Another Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone. We were fortunate enough to embrace two warm days of eighty degree weather and today's weather peaked in the high sixties with rain. I was fortunate enough to get some fruits and veggies planted on Saturday. I ended up planting eight beefsteak tomato plants and one cherry tomato plant. I am not a huge cherry tomatoe fan though my kids enjoy picking them in the summer and eating them on the spot. I hope the beefsteak variety does well as I truly enjoy this type of fruit for preparing bruschetta, blts, and pico de gallo. Not exactly czech cuisine, eh? I was also able to transplant a few starter seedlings of spinach, wax beans, and "one" corn seedling. The corn is my son's idea and is more or less a project to him to see if the lonely little seed evolves into corn on the cob for him come August.

The highlight of my gardening involved planting six raspberry plants I received from my father's raspberry "field". Our family is huge into raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, etc. I remember my grandma had rows upon rows of this delectable fruit and she would spend a good portion of her summer making preserves and canning her excess. We would get ziplocks of these berries for freezing. I enjoyed them in fruit dumplings, kolacky, and even in a bowl of cream or milk.

I planted my raspberries "starters" with the addition of leftover coffee grounds to provide the right ph and nitrogen content. I also added a plant food to give these little guys a "kick start". I am hoping for at least one harvest this year with the possibility of two harvests per year every season beginning next year.

Eventually I plan on preparing my own fruit dumplings and kolacky with these special homegrown beauties. I will keep the developments updated on this blog. Have a great week.

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