Sunday, May 31, 2009

German Apple Pancake

Another weekend has come and gone. Sleep really seems tough to come buy these last few weeks as we added another baby boy to our family. The newborn seems to be well received by bigger brother and sister which makes mom and dad very happy. I did manage time to squeeze in some time for my oldest's soccer game as well as some overdue yard work. There was no Czech cooking going on in the kitchen this weekend, though I did find time to crank out one of my dad's classic german apple pancake recipes. I created this recipe on Squidoo along with my pulled pork recipe. We all love this tasty breakfast treat as it resembles more of a custardy french toast or bread pudding with the strong flavor of crisp granny smith apples. I highly recommend this treat if you are having company over.

I do not plan on staying out of the kitchen too much longer. I forsee my strawberry crop coming in very soon as they fruits are there but still "green". Once they produce I will be back in the kitchen. I will dig deep and see what lies out there for 4czech to produce. As I mentioned a few posts ago, I sort of shift gears in the warm months to cooking on the grill and always looking for new things to try. In the meantime, give that german apple pancake a try, I know you'll like it.

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