Monday, April 20, 2009

What happened to Bakers Square?

Okay. Not that it is really news anymore, but what in the H%^& happened to all the Baker's Square restaurants? I hosted a little barbecue this past weekened and had the urge to run out for a pie.........a good fruit pie or french silk pie was on my mind. Wait, no.....can't do that. Our local baker's square has been gone for almost a year now since the parent company filed bankruptcy. Here is my solution for these guys.

1. Re-open Baker's Squares with pie service only.
2. Scrap the restaurant stuff, that was probably your downfall.
3. You will be heroes to people when it comes to birthdays, holidays, and those looking to bring a little something to the dinner host.
4. Pies sold in supermarkets simply don't cut it, and even us foodies don't want to spend the warm summer months using our ovens when we are accustomed to going to the baker's square for that summer fruit pie cooked by someone else.
5. Those that don't eat pies!

There you have it. My ranting about bringing back baker's square on a limited, minimized scale. The people will come back, trust me.

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