Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu and Pregnancy

Going off topic here from my usual culinary content since every news avenue as of late seems to be pushing the dangers of the swine flu pandemic in our faces. I usually don't give in to such media calamity as been established with avian bird flu and SARS media scares. This time around is different as my significant other is expecting a child in a few weeks. I did some research on Swine Flu and Pregnancy and there really isn't too much to concern oneself with as long as maintaining frequent handwashings and limit public gatherings whenever possible. I would also recommend avoiding airports and any trips to Mexico if at all possible. That being said I dug into the cdc site to see if there was anything pregnant women should do if they have the swine flu and my research came up empty. I wasn't too pleased with this site to be honest. The cdc site was informative for those individuals that are not pregnant. The remedy was of course the aid of flu treatments such as Tamiflu or a few other prescriptive drugs which are not safe for pregnant women. If a pregnant women were to undergo flu like symptoms it would be in her best interests not too panic and seek the advice of her practitioner. One might also consider visiting the website babycenter for additional information.

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