Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Is it possible to grow your own food supply?

There seems to be a buzz out there for people wanting to start growing their own vegetables and become “self-sustaining”or grow their own food supply. That would be really tough to do given most families have only so much land. To adequately feed a family of four or even two, one would have to literally convert just about a whole city residential lot from lawn to garden just for the sake of “self-sustenance”. Not to mention you would have to quit your job in the spring through fall just to have time to oversee this agricultural endeavor. I simply do not have the time or space to grow the this required amount of veggies.
I think the better option is to keep the garden scale down to a smaller rectangular plot in the corner of the yard and plant vegetables that are considered high yield and used a lot in the kitchen. By this I mean those plants that keep producing vegetables like slot machine that pays off over and over. I have had good experience in the past with such vegetables or fruits as cherry tomatoes, plum tomatoes, bell peppers,wax beans, and strawberries which seem to expand every summer. This year I am going to add spinach to my garden plot with hopes of getting a decent return for my summer salads. Unfortunately it will be only the beans and strawberries in my crop that I will have the ability to freeze for later use.

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