Sunday, April 26, 2009

Grill Cleaning

It is that time of year again to get the propane tank filled up or purchase the big bag of charcoal. But wait, as the grill is uncovered there is some serious tidying up to do to make the grill work at its best before you decide to cook your first barbecue offering of the season. I usually do a thorough grill cleaning about twice a year to keep my propane grill working at optimal levels throughout the summer. There are a couple of things to do right away.
1. Inspect the grill for rust and loose parts. The winter weather and repeated use have a way of creating wear and tear with your outdoor cooker. Take the time to replace wheels, bolts, and handles if and where necessary. Sometimes these replacement parts can be found at home improvement store. If not, try contacting the manufacturer.
2. Clean out grease catcher. I usually monitor this part of the grill throughout the season. Keeping this trap clean will also mitigate unwanted pests and roaming pets.
3. Inspect Burners – After removing grate and radiant bar (cover located just below grate), inspect the burners to make sure there are not any clogged holes. Any holes that are obstructed will lead to uneven cooking for your summer meals. Use a brush to remove any excess from the burners. If the burners are too corroded it might be time to take a trip to the hardware store to replace. These are usually standard parts that can be found at just about any store.
4. Grate & Radiant Bar Cleaning – Coat with oven cleaner and allow to penetrate for a few minutes. Make sure your hands are covered with gloves and scrub parts with brush. Rinse parts off with warm water (as the cleaner) is very abrasive and toxic if not rinsed.
5. Grill Exterior – Clean exterior of grill with warm water mixed with detergent. Scrape off any excess rust with old toothbrush.
There are my tips to keeping your grill purring throughout the year. Make sure to confirm all gas connections and hoses are tight and free of wear or leaks.

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