Friday, February 27, 2009

Kitchen Renovation - Take Two

With taking the day off work today, I dedided to spend the first part of this Friday crashed on the sofa with the kids and fight off this is brochitis, tonsilitis or whateveritis. Thank god the youngsters have their colds almost defeated whereas I am in the middle of it. Last night I tested a myth and used vick's vabor rub on the bottom of my feet prior to going to bed to prevent nightime hacking and wheezing. Weird, isn't it? It works!

So anywho, after taking a mid day shower, I felt rejuvenated so I decided to work on kitchen renovation which has been in process for over a year. The completed work to date consisted of floor removal with new tile installation, painted cabinetry with new hardware,new service door to garage, and new wainscotting installed on two walls.

Today, I successfully installed a square tin ceiling tile which I used as a stove backsplash. There is still remaining projects to be done such as finish panelling for last wall, install final trim and moulding, and finally paint all wainscotting, trim, and backsplash. This may take a few more weekends, but we'll get there.

I also make one more wainscotting cut for the adjoining wall. This is a project that will carry into this weekend so I may or may not get down to some serious cooking as this project and my health seem to have become priorities. I will post some pictures on this site as soon as we get finished.

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