Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fighting Strep Throat and Nagging Coughs

Well the household of 4czech has been ravaged by germs, namely strep throat. Evidently my daughter picked up this school souvenir last week and it has penetrated the household. My son has a cough and ear infection, and Mrs 4czech and yours truly are finally getting this funky illness. Upon diagnosis of strep, my daughter was given a prescription of antibiotic, a steroid for the infection that has saturated her lungs, and a nebulizer treatment. Nebulizers run about $175 a pop at the pharmacy so I opted to save serious money buy renting one at a local medical supply store for $20 per week. I am hoping that all these treatments help her. I will say that steroid prescribed for our little girl has made her very testy to say the least. I never imagined our little girl would get roid rage.

With our nagging coughs, I have found some worthwhile remedies. The tea with honey serves us well during the day for coughing and sore throats. I also highly recommend a halls lozenge just before going to bed as that seems to coat the throat and prevent a sleepless night. Finally go with a coating of vick vapor rub on the chest and a good night's sleep will follow.

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