Thursday, February 12, 2009

The CostCo Hot Dog

Our once in a while weekend stock up store is a trip to CostCo. We usually piggy back on a relative's membership since I am currently a member of Sam's Club. It seems I am only too cheap to belong to two warehouse clubs at the same time.

We only recently discovered the ultimate lunch deal of a 1/4 pound hot dog and beverage at the CostCo snack bar for a mere $1.50. I usually don't go to a supermarket to eat my lunch on site, but let me tell you that besides being a great deal,the hot dog was fantastic. My son will request a trip to Costco every weekend.

I'm not exactly sure how this warehouse chain can afford to give away food and drink at such a ridiculously low price. My theory is that they throw out this superior product to entice you to come back every week, thus you will shop more. I will tell you that their plan works!

Oh yeah. If the hot dog and soda don't fill you up, then the multitude of free food samples throughout the store ought to do the trick.

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Lydia Knox said...

Yeah My parents are huge fans of the Cosco hotdog deal. :)