Monday, February 16, 2009

Avoiding Trans Fats

The extent of my cooking over the weekend involved making a roast chicken for the crew at home on Saturday for dinner. Sunday dinner was chinese carryout that left a lot to be desired. We did manage to get in some baking time of which the kids made chocolate cupcakes for a valentine's day treat. The nice thing about these sweets is that they did not contain any trans fats. My big pet peeve when shopping for cake mixes, topping, or any bakery item is when "trans fats" are included in the ingredients. DON'T consume this stuff. It is super nasty and your body can't break it down. Other saturated fats found in animal products such as butter or lard, of course have unhealthy fat gram levels, but at least the body has a chance to break it down.

So anyhoo....I bought a box of devils food cake mix...the "moist" variety that requires added vegetable oil, water, and eggs. The next part, the topping, I managed myself by mixing together of pint of whipping cream and confectioners sugar and beat with high speed mixer until fluffy. I added a drop or two of red food dye and we had pink frosting to match the holiday. The kids helped blend the batter and apply the topping with sprinkles. They had a great time and no one had any trans fats!

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