Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Winter Dieting

It is not such a hot idea to start a diet in the winter months. If you are morbidly obese, then yes…… should find ways to shed pounds immediately. But for the rest of us, there is so much going against starting a diet on January 1st that one must reconsider or postpone their weight loss plan until at least April 1 or after the Easter holiday. This is my plan and it works for me as I usually commence exercising the warmer months and fires up the grill for leaner meals.
The main reasons to avoid dieting in winter:
1. Super bowl parties, college bowl games and football playoffs. Not sure how one can expect to survive the temptation of the “big sandwich” or the game time snacks while your team plays for all the marbles. Even if you team isn’t in the hunt for the super bowl, it is tough to get through the fanfare of the playoffs without taking in some extra snacks. I am more of a hockey nut (Go Blackhawks) and have a tough time getting through a game without the assist of a tasty snack and a cold pilsner.
2.Cold weather. When I cut back on calories in the warmer months, I usually cater my diet to consist of eating dinner salads at least three times a week. I live in Chicago where this week the anticipated temperature is expected below zero. I cannot envision coming home from work to a cold salad. Fire up the crock pot in these cold dark days! Besides the extra ten to fifteen pounds comes in handy with the extreme cold.
3.Valentines/St. Patrick’s Day/Easter. All associated with chocolates, beer, fattening meats and more carbs.
4.Allure of Czech Cooking. I like this time of year where there is no remorse associated with heating up the kitchen and cooking a good hearty Sunday dinner whether it is roast pork, duck, or chicken. Add a few dumplings, sauerkraut, and you are one happy camper. This fare is not usually made in the summertime heat, so take advantage of the cold weather and enjoy the fattier foods.

Consuming extra calories in the winter can be less taxing on the body if you mix it up with outdoor activities. Don’t let the winter keep you inside that is……. unless it is dangerously cold.

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