Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Juice Made In China

Read your food labels and packaging VERY CAREFULLY. I purchased a can of Welch’s Apple Juice Concentrate the other day only to find out when I got home that the apple concentrate was from CHINA??? Needless to say I couldn’t get my money back since we found this out after we emptied the can and prepared the juice. I then poured the juice down the drain. I returned to Jewel last night and noticed several juices have their concentrates imported from Chile, Argentina, and CHINA.

I found out from some brief research on the internet that CHINA produces over half the world's apples and is currently dumping their concentrate on our shores thereby undercutting American farmers and juice companies.

Boycott the chinese apple concentrate and support local companies.

I noticed when looking in the grocer aisle, I could easily identify American friendly apple juices such as Indian Summer and President's Choice.

There were several juices that didn’t disclose where the concentrate was made. Only bottling/distribution information was disclosed which doesn't really say much.

Supposedly the FDA requires companies to list country of origin on meats and produce only. Processed foods are off limits which makes their origin uncertain. Hardly seems fair, does it FDA??

I am highly suspect of consuming food from a country that seems to poison toys, toothpaste, pet food, seafood, etc. Yet governments allow such filth to come into our countries, unchecked.

Buyer Beware

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