Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Finding Thin Mint Cookies

Alas. It is that time of year where the girl scouts are ramping up their sales drive to sell as many boxes of cookies as humanly possible. I only know this because my six year old “brownie” came home the other day with order sheet in hand. Our household is only too happy to place our order of multiple boxes of thin mints, peanut butter sandwich cookies, and a few other varieties. After all, it is for a good cause right? Yes perhaps, but there is a bigger story to the annual winter/spring cookie drive…..
Those thin mints are addictive. Beyond potato chips………one cannot stop at one, two, or three. It is SO easy to consume them by the sleeve, especially after placing them under into a deep freeze.
I myself was involved with Boy Scouts for about four to five years. Our fundraising efforts were so much the more difficult sell. We walked the streets every year peddling the likes of pens, popcorn, and then finally Christmas wreaths. The Christmas wreaths were the only product that really brought in funds worthy of resupplying our troop with adequate camping gear.
Girl Scouts on the other hand have the guaranteed sell. The only problem for some then becomes finding thin mint cookies………..or Do Si Dos, and Tag longs.
I attached a link for those that need to know where to find their local council or cookie sales force!

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