Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Favorite Foods of U.S. Presidents

Today was the inauguration of our 44th President to these United States of America. As a foodie, I thought back to the history of leadership in the executive office and their favorite foods. Here is the list.

1. Barack Obama - Pizza (Hyde Park Pizzeria - Chicago)
2. George W. Bush - Mexican food, hamburger pizza, and peanut butter/honey sandwiches.
3. Bill Clinton - Chicken Enchiladas
4. George H.W. Bush - Pork Rinds
5. Ronald Reagan - Macaroni & Cheese, jelly beans
6. Jimmy Carter - Sirloin peanuts, Jimmy?
7. Gerald Ford - Pot Roast and red cabbage
8. Richard Nixon - Cottage Cheese & Ketchup with fresh fruit, wheat germ, coffee
9. Lyndon Johnson - Canned green peas, tapioca, fresca
10. John F. Kennedy - Tomato soup with sour cream, fettucini

It appears as the years go by the President's seem to grasp more international foods such as mexican food (e.g. enchiladas, pizza, etc). Going back in history it appeared that a can of green peas washed down with a cold fresca was enough to satisfy LBJ. Go figure.

P.S. George Washington's favorite food was fish.

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