Saturday, September 20, 2008

Inundated with water in Illinois

It has been a brief pause in posting to this site. We were unfortanate to receive about 9 inches of rainfall last weekend that seemed to penetrate our lower level and produce a lake in our crawl space. It has been a weeklong project of cleaning the lower level every night I have come home from work. We lost several items that were stored in cardboard boxes that will never be replaced. Looking back at this ordeal, I feel we got off quite lucky since several neighbors had to gut their entire basements. I also feel extremely lucky when comparing our situation to that of Galveston residents or the devastation of Katrina. Have a great weekend.


Nola @ Alamo North said...

Jak se mas? Jsem Czech taky!
I was searching the internet for Czech recipes and found your blog; I love it! I am Czech, and live in Ennis, Texas. We have a large number of Czechs here in Ennis. My grandparent lived in the Chicago area back in the early 1900's when they first arrived from Czechoslovakia, and moved to Texas in the 1920's.
I went all the way back to the beginning reading your recipes, now I am starving for some knedliky, drowned in butter!
What I was searching for were Czech pickle recipes. My grandmother used to make a pickle we pronounced "squashoratcki", but I have no idea how it was actually spelled. My mother, who died last year wrote the ingredients down, but I don't know quite how to combine them to make these great pickles. I also wish I knew how to spell the name correctly. Are you familiar with them?
It was nice to visit your blog, I will put it on my Google reader and keep up with your latest posts!
Na shledanou!

4Czech said...

Nola, thanks for visiting my lens. I will search babi's notes for some pickle recipes, though I have not heard of squashoratcki. You also have me at a disadvantage since you speak czech! I would have to defer to my dad to translate some of your phrases. I can always count on hearing from the Texas, Iowa, and Nebraska czechs!

T said...

I too was searching online for rescipes and found your blog. My husband is czech and his family is coming here for the holidays. We live in Canada and this will be the their first x-mas outside of Czech Republic. We wanted to make something special for them. Have you ever made Kremrole? Do you have a rescipe we could use? Thanks for you time and keep up the good work.